Privacy Policy
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General privacy policy

Hiker is perpetrated to secure the secrecy of its customers, and if you are quite unsure about the privacy terms or in doubt that your privacy is at risk, you are free to contact us via mail or

Information and Usage

The private information that we demand is commonly employed to procure goods or services or also enables you to indulge with us. This is how your information is important for us :

Give your application status updates, transaction records, tax invoices, etc. Answering our commitments for services and goods purchased from us. Warranty registration of the product. You are complying with any relevant laws, guidance, and regulations provided by controls or management authorities. We collect your information so that you can make a purchase. Informing you of new products and services. conversing and replying to inquiries and objections built and to present you with relevant knowledge or advice

Shared Personal Information

Hiker Attempts to guarantee the safety, sincerity, and secrecy of Your Private Information and also aim to protect your private information against the disclosure, destruction. To make this happen, Hiker affirms internal reports of the collection of data, its secure processing practices providing a safeguard against the access which is unauthorized. While you make a purchase, we are going to ask about your personal details; we also protect the secure transactions through credit or debit cards.


We assure you that our cookies do not contain any type of information related to your name, contact, and other personal information. We are utilizing these services just to make sure that you will have a better browsing experience. However, if you don't want to use the cookies or your browser is not allowing you to use it. Still, you can access our information without enabling the cookies.
Your consent -

When you use our website by reading all the terms and conditions signifies that you consent for the collection and use of your personal information. With the consent, we are able to use your bank accounts securely by keeping an eye over the detection of fraud, etc.


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