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Mobile holders & mobile mounts to the rescue

A mobile phone holder is essential for everyone, let's start with that. Whether you work from home or commute to your office, whether you're a homebody who loves lounging all day or an adventurer, whether you love traveling or want to binge on Netflix all day, you NEED a mobile phone holder/mobile stand.

Why? What's the use of a mobile holder? First off, let's be real, handling smartphones can be a little risky sometimes. Especially while you're traveling. Bumpy roads, sudden turns, a sudden break, anything can cause your mobile to fall and break in the blink of an eye. And that can be very dangerous when you're on the road. Also, the constant fumbling with your mobile phone, while you are on the road, can be quite cumbersome. A mobile mount/mobile holder in your car can solve this issue and keep your mobile safe, stable, and easy to use while keeping your hands free.

But can they be only used in cars? No! Not at all. You can use them on your work desk to keep your phone steady while you're working, you can use them on your kitchen counter to follow that recipe perfectly without struggling with your phone, you can even have one by your bedside so you can binge-watch while you rest. So, they are the perfect multi-purpose must-have devices that can make your life a lot easier. 

Top of the line mobile holders & mobile stands: Don't settle for anything less

  • Super powerful magnet: Get a lasting grip!

Our magnetic mobile mounts come with a strong, lightweight, powerful magnet providing a firm grip on all surfaces. It can hold any phone steady, on drives, in rough terrains, and at home. Speed breakers, bumpy roads, or even your unintentional push when you're not paying attention won't dislodge your phone from the mobile holder. The grip is just enough to hold the phone firmly when needed, but you can also pull off the phone easily whenever you want.

  • Easy installation: Life's better without the hassle!

The task of attaching a mobile phone holder to any surface can seem very daunting. But, trust us, our mobile holders are extremely easy to install. Plus, they come with efficient installation accessories, including 3M tapes & plates. No need to labor with clips or brackets, no need to tackle screwdrivers, no need to call someone for help; you can do it yourself with ease.

  • Sleek Design: When style meets functionality.

Many mobile holders in the market are useful but bulky, impractical, and disruptive because of their design. Our mobile mounts have a premium build and are sturdy without being bulky. They are smartly built to be sleek, attractive, and ergonomic. They go well with car interiors, desktops, bedside tables, or even tiles.

  • Holds heavy phones: Weight is just a number.

People with heavier or slightly larger phones are often left dissatisfied with mobile holders because they simply cannot hold their phones. This causes broken phones, money loss, and can be stressful. Our extensive range of phone holders can hold heavier or slightly larger phones with ease without dropping them even through bumpy roads and rough terrains. They have a metal body, so even if your phone is heavy, it won't bend or break.

  • Complete compatibility: Find the perfect fit..for ALL phones.

Compatibility won't be an issue with our mobile phone holders. They're universally compatible with all devices. Whether you have an Apple iPhone, a Google Pixel phone, a Nokia phone, or an Oppo phone, phone holders are equally equipped to hold them all.

Check out our range of mobile mounts: Step it up to better accessorization

Super mini magnetic mobile holder: Big things come in small packages

Our super mini magnetic mobile mount is super slim and lightweight. Yet, the mobile holder is robust and supports all smartphones. It has a strong grip thanks to a very powerful N50 magnet and comes in a metal finish.

Mini magnetic mobile mount: A small dose of power

Our mini mobile holders are slim, have a smart design, and 360-degree rotation. With them, you can get the perfect view from all angles. They come with a powerful N40 Magnet, 3M adhesive, and universal compatibility.

MagBear Mobile Holder: On-the-go functionality

Are you looking for a car dashboard mobile holder online? We've got your back! Our MagBear Mobile Holder is perfect for dashboards and windshields. It comes with a 360-degree rotating flexible arm & extra magnetic power that makes it suitable for Indian roads.

360° Magnetic Mobile Mount: 360 degrees of convenience

If you're looking for infinite viewing angles for the price of one mobile holder, the 360° Magnetic Mobile Mount is your best bet. You can use the device conveniently from any angle, it is sturdy, stable, and comes in an elegant metallic finish.

Vent Mount: The handy air vent phone holder

Here's a magnetic mobile holder that slips right onto your air vent. It is anti-skid and very stable. It has a magnetic grip and is extremely adjustable for comfortable viewing thanks to it's 360° rotation.


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